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We Build

from fancy CMS to complex science-based world class enterprise web application including:

  • complex e-commerce
  • social networks
  • legacy systems integration
  • supply chain systems
  • performance-critical websites
  • anything you need!

Our Services

  • world class web development
  • front-end development
  • web graphical design
  • information architecture
  • asp.net, mvc, IIS, mssql
  • database design
  • .net consulting
  • SEO consulting

Our Value

  • start-to-finish agile development process
  • constant communications
  • state of the art dev tools
  • fixed price / per hours / hire our developers
  • SEO best practices applied
  • QA tested / 60 days warranty
  • managed IT / web hosting
  • support for life

<Web Development/>

Hire us in Per-Deliverables mode or Per-Hours mode, depending on your project time-to-live needs and whether you'll need long-time dedicated developers or ad-hock developers.

Our web development services cover all your web development needs for a world-class web application of any kind. Agile development process, experienced developers, state of the art dev tools, flexible pricing models.

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hire web development gurus
specialized in Microsoft stack
you focus on your business,
we on your IT and coding

<Managed Web Hosting/>

We provide you with world-class, highly scalable IT cloud infrastructure, managed! Backed by Windows Azure we keep your entire IT infrastructure up and running for you. It's 100% managed and proactively monitored.

We bundle common Azure VMs with our Managed Service, including geo-redundant backup, server initial setup, patching & security updates, proactive security reviews and server health monitoring, software upgrades, anytime server troubleshooting, dedicated administrator.

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<Software Support For Life/>

Gets developers actively monitoring your website health, logs and status, provide website and database maintenance, fix bugs, analytical reports, make changes you request and make continuous development as long as you select.

Our Continuous Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance & Reporting and our Continuous Development and Fixes grantees bug fixes, monitoring, changes implementation and many more for life*. It's available On Demand, Dedicated of Fully Dedicated.

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is your website
we'll know and fix it instantly


Structural Integrity Asociates


  • President, Chief Software Developer

    President / CTO

  • Operations, QA Manager

    Operations /
    QA Manager

  • Senior Software Developer

    Senior Software Developer

  • Analyst, Software Developer

    Analyst, Software Developer

  • Analyst, Software Developer

    Analyst, Software Developer

  • Web Developer

    Web Developer

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